USA Skateboarding is the USOC-recognized National Governing Body for Skateboarding in the United States.


USA Skateboarding (USAS) is formally organized and incorporated as Skateboarding's National Governing Body (NGB). USAS has been established to provide direction and governance for the sport of skateboarding, including, but not limited to, enabling United States athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence in Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American and Parapan American competition and sanctioning competitions resulting in United States National Champions at both the amateur and professional level. USAS is dedicated to promoting and supporting the sport of Skateboarding, while striving to guarantee that Skateboarding continues to provide the unique characteristics important to the sport's participants, and maintaining the integrity and authenticity of Skateboarding as a sport, a passion and a lifestyle.

USA Skateboarding Board of Directors


Gary Ream


USA Skateboarding


Don Bostick

Chair Audit Committee / Affiliated Member Representative

World Cup Skateboarding


Jamie Foy

AAC Representative / Athlete Representative / 2020 Men's Street National Team Member


Nicole Hause

Athlete Representative / 2019 Women's Park National Team Member


Dashawn Jordan

Athlete Representative / 2020 Men's Street National Team Member


Oscar Loreto

Paralympic Athlete Representative / Chair - Paralympic Committee


Stephanie Murdock

Independent Director

Legislative Director
Baltimore City Council - 14th District
Skatepark of Baltimore


Micaela Ramirez

Independent Director

Founder / President
Poseiden Foundation, Inc.


Bryan Ridgeway

Independent Director

Educational Engagement Advisor


Steve Rodriguez

Independent Director

SVP / Creative Services Director
Erwin Penland
5BORO Skateboards


Lisa Whitaker

Independent Director

VP of Sports and Competitions
Women's Skateboarding Alliance (WSA)
Partner / Owner
Meow Skateboards


USA Skateboarding was founded in 2003 following the International Olympic Committee's request to the skateboarding industry to begin organizing for possible Olympic inclusion. The Founding Members of USA Skateboarding are:

Gary Ream                  President
Tony Hawk                 Vice President
Don Bostick                Vice President
Jim Fitzpatrick           Vice President
John Bernards            Treasurer
Mark Waters               Secretary
Dave Carnie                Member of the Executive Committee
Miki Vuckovich          Member of the Executive Committee
Neal Hendrix              Athlete Representative, Executive Committee
Buster Halterman      Athlete Representative, Executive Committee
Steve Douglas             Member
Bryce Kanights           Member
Andy Macdonald        Member
Chris Miller                 Member
Peter Townend           Member
Charlie Wilkins           Member
Jen O'Brien                 Member
IASC                             Represented by Tod Swank

As designed, USA Skateboarding lay dormant while the machinations of Skateboarding's inclusion in the Olympic Games proceeded at the international level for the next 13 years. In the lead up to the International Olympic Committee's August 3, 2016, announcement that skateboarding would appear in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, USAS began to modernize in order to meet the new National Governing Body (NGB) standards as described by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).

The USOC officially recognized USAS application for recognition as the United States Skateboarding NGB on February 14, 2017. The USOC accepted USAS application for recognition as the United States Skateboarding NGB on June 22, 2018.

The current USAS Board of Directors was nominated by the Founder's Advisory Committee on May 15, 2017.