USA Skateboarding adheres to the basic standards and governance guidelines as approved by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Board:

  • NGBs should be governed by a board which shall have sole responsibility for governance;
  • NGB boards should generally be between 7 and 12 in membership;
  • NGB boards should have at least 20% independent directors as well as at least 20% athlete directors;
  • NGB boards should have staggered term limits;
  • NGBs must have at least the following 3 standing committees: Audit (which shall also have responsibility for ethics matters unless ethics issues are addressed by another committee), Compensation, and Nominating & Governance;
  • NGB committees should be of the minimum number and size possible to permit both conduct of the sport and appropriate board governance;
  • The role of management and the role of governance should be defined clearly, with each NGB being staff managed and board governed;
  • NGBs must be financially and operationally transparent and accountable to its members and the USOC;
  • NGBs must adopt best practices for not for profit organizations; and
  • NGBs must comply with all of the requirements for membership as defined in the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act, USOC Bylaws, and any USOC Board policies.


USA Skateboarding's Current Bylaws: 20200116 USA Skateboarding Bylaws


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Audited Financial Statements

2018 Audited Financial Statement

Sport Performance Pillars

Sport performance’s pillars will remain the centerpiece of all operational activities; they will drive decision-making and unite team members around five departmental priorities.

Athletes: Athletes are already at the center of USA Skateboarding, so this is very straight-forward. We also have the data and experience to identify the skateboarders with the best current and future chances of medaling in the Olympic Games.

Coaching: Coaching does not exist in Skateboarding in the traditional sense. Filmers, team managers and managers have fulfilled many aspects of traditional coaching / mentoring roles, while progression is driven by access to terrain and peer group. We will be looking specifically to empower existing athlete support personnel with the education they need to help focus their athletes on high performance.

Training: Access to facilities is the most important piece of the training equation followed by minimizing impact of injuries and maximizing performance through sport medicine and sport science.

Competitions: exist at every level of skateboarding. We will facilitate our team’s access and opportunity to travel to and participate in elite level events to prepare them for Tokyo 2020.

Leadership: Board and staff are committed to high performance and positive development; they have a clear sense of what it takes to win at the top of their sport; and possess demonstrated governance, managerial and financial capabilities.

Grassroots Development

USAS will support and enhance amateur contest series like SPoT All AgesDamn Am, Grind for Life, The Boardr Am, Hot Wheels Junior Series, and more to continue to provide early entry points to fun and competitive skateboarding.

Diversity and Inclusion

Female participation – USAS will support and enhance events such as Exposure that fields hundreds of girls and women at their multi-discipline contest and festival each year since 2013, non-profits like Skate Like A Girl, and organizations like Women’s Skateboarding Alliance that support female skateboarders on every level.

Adaptive – USAS will support and enhance Adaptive Action Sports that host contests for adaptive athletes and Ryan Sheckler’s Skate For a Cause which features an adaptive event as part of their fundraiser.

High Performance

The best male skateboarding athletes in the United States have multi-million dollar contracts and access to all the perks of top-level professional athletes through their sponsors. They, or their management teams, handle their competition and training schedules based around their league affiliations and sponsor obligations. The biggest added value we can contribute to guarantee their success is to make sure that they are eligible to compete in Tokyo – specifically we will include one-on-one education regarding the qualification and ranking system and anti-doping compliance.

The best female skateboarding athletes in the United States are a different story. Most top-level girls and women still struggle to find the means and opportunities to compete. We see the Olympic inclusion as the catalyst to level the playing field for talented female skateboarders. Our goal is to get them on par with their male counterparts when it comes to access to training facilities, travel budgets, competitions opportunities, and access to sports medicine / sports science trainers to minimize the impact on injuries and give them the tools and freedom they need to become the best skateboarders in the world.


Everyone has a role to play in creating a healthy setting for sport. SafeSport helps raise awareness about misconduct in sport, promote open dialogue, and provide training and resources. When we work as a team, we can build a game plan to make sport safe ― for everyone.

2020 USA Skateboarding Athlete Safety Policy

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USA Skateboarding Code of Conduct

  1. USA Skateboarding (USAS) may terminate membership or relationship with any Covered Entity at any time for Misconduct. The term “Covered Entity” shall refer to any member, employee, board director, or officer of USAS.  The term “Misconduct” shall refer to any conduct which materially breaches the terms of membership, team rules, or the laws of any jurisdiction in which the Covered Entity is present, or any conduct which brings disrepute to, or otherwise harms, USAS or which violates the Morals Clause (outlined in the paragraph next following).  Prior to termination under these circumstances or otherwise as permitted herein, USAS shall deliver to Covered Entity written warning and the opportunity to cure such conduct unless the breach is (a) of such severity that in the reasonable judgment of CEO of USAS it cannot be cured, or (b) part of a pattern of repeated breaches of which Covered Entity has already been warned.
  2. Morals Clause”: If during the Term Covered Entity commits, or involves themselves in any situation or occurrence, including, but not limited to, use or other commission of a crime or use of illegal or illicit drugs (including abuse of prescription drugs), or which otherwise brings themselves or the USA Skateboarding into public disrepute, public contempt, public scandal or ridicule, or tends to shock, or insult or offend a reasonable member of the community (each case using a reasonable person standard of determination), then USAS shall have the right, upon written notice to Covered Entity, to immediately terminate the remaining term of their membership, employment, or elected or appointed relationship with USAS.  USAS’s decision on all matters arising under this Section shall be conclusive and binding on the parties. For the avoidance of doubt, conduct occurring prior to the Term that is widely publicly known shall not constitute a Morals Clause violation.